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Top 7 Ways To Earn Online

7 Ways to Make a Living Online

In today’s steadily declining job market, finding work is becoming increasingly more difficult. In fact, with more and more people working from home, online jobs are becoming an attractive alternative to regular economy jobs. The challenge, however, lies in how to make an actual living working fulltime online jobs from the comfort of your own home. Fortunately, the evolution of the Internet has completely changed the face of business transactions and needs fulfillment. Online entrepreneurship is blooming, bringing about an array of new ways to make a living from Internet-based jobs.

1. Freelance Writing

One of the most popular ways entrepreneurs can increase their online earnings is by writing content or articles. Freelance writing professions have blossomed in the past decade and can bear lucrative reimbursement options. For instance, copywriters, professionals who produce content to market or advertise a product or service, with sufficient experience in a particular field of expertise can earn upwards of $100,000 per year. However, a number of sites promoting article writing and content production, such as Demand Studios and Associated Content, have also sprung up, enticing freelancers to earn extra income and in some cases residual income. Freelancers with a passion for writing can also create their own blogs or produce ebooks on a variety of topics.

2. Graphic Design 

For the creatively inclined another option to produce income online is graphic design. Graphic designers or hobbyists apt in creating dazzling designs with programs like Inkscape or Photoshop may be able to display and sell their work in an online portfolio. There are always a number of websites and businesses that are consistently looking for new and enticing background themes or logos. Graphic designers can also design logos and motifs for t-shirts, posters, greeting cards, or stickers and sell their creations on craft-based websites such as Etsy, Cafepress, or Threadless.

3. Programming 

Computer savvy individuals who are multilingual where programming languages and codes are concerned can market their skills online and reap great financial benefits. Creating plugins, developing applications, developing game websites, or creating new software can help a freelance programmer earn upwards of $100 per hour. Amazingly, with today’s increased Internet marketability, degrees in computer programming – while beneficial – are no longer necessary. Experience and skill are all that are needed to create an impressive portfolio that will get a programmer hired for a variety of online programming jobs.

4. Photography

Freelance, hobby, or professional photographers have the ability to promote and market their work online via portfolios that are part of their personal websites or by selling their images on stock photo websites, such as ShutterStock or Dreamstime. Amateur photographers only need basic digital camera equipment and knowledge of Photoshop or similar photo editing software to create and upload their photos. They can earn money each time their photo is downloaded by a user.

5. Niche Websites

Website building is another great way to improve Internet marketability and increase income earned online. Designing, creating and organizing a brand new niche website and optimizing it for search engines to create traffic flow may attract a number of prospective buyers looking to build a site based on a particular area of interest. Online auction sites, like Flippa, can help website builders sell their niche websites in auctions to the highest bidders.

6. Affiliate Marketing

A number of large retailers and businesses, including Amazon and Expedia, have set up affiliate networks that will allow affiliates to promote company products and services through referral based links. For each recruited referral, an affiliate is able to earn either commission or other forms of rewards. Affiliate marketing is strictly performance based and income increases incrementally with each successful referral that results in a sale. Affiliates must, however, engage in some forms of Internet marketing or advertising to promote the brands or products they wish to sell for their network.

7. Surveys

For many years, companies have been conducting their marketing research via online surveys to determine the thoughts and feelings customers and prospects have towards their services and products. Online surveys are still very widespread and compensation for each completed survey or focus group can range from $1 to over $75, depending on length of survey and time involvement. The key to increasing income from online surveys is to sign up with several different survey sites that will send email notifications of new surveys awaiting completion.

Online opportunities for increasing income are vast and pursuing a combination of sources may further help amplify monthly earnings to the point where online jobs alone can become a users sole income source. Of course, businesses offering online income services are not the only ones able to market their services. Freelancers of any kind should always make use of the various online options, such as major social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ , pinterestor Youtube, to promote their online business and increase their potential for new jobs. Even though you can buy Pinterest followers and also fans of fb but you need to buy it from a reputed site otherwise there will be no way to generate income online.

Author Bio
Jeremy Scout is a professional technology blogger and writes for many big brand companies across the globe. He has a background in Marketing and Online Advertising with over 15 years of experience. Presently, he is reporting about the new bollywood movie like Son of sardar movie free download

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Best investment program JSS Tripler Real Review

Best investment Program to increase your online income

If you are searching ways to multiply your online income by doing nothing then JSS tipler is the best alternative for you. There are also tons of other investment programs available on the internet but to know which one is a scam and which is legit is a very difficult task to do. I am also an online worker and loves to search on the big B, the ways to multiply my income. I used many investments programs before JSS tripler but according to me JSS tripler is the mosr promissing and legit. I am not telling all other investment programs available on the interent are scam but they only share or give only 1 percent of your total income per day and their payouts was also high as compared to this legit JSS program.

What is JSS tripler ?
 JSS tripler program is a very simple investment program which can help you to increase your invested income upto 60% per month or 2% per day. This is the most interesting part of this investment plan. You can also withdraw your money anytime.

Key features of JSS tripler

 1. It can increase your invested amount upto 160% in a month. Suppose you invested 100$ and within a month without doing anything your amount will be increased to 160%.

2. In JSS tripler daily compunding process can makes your investment size bigger.

3. Minimum amount that can be invested is 10$ in a JSS tripler program.
How to join JSS tripler?
The joining fee of JSS tripler program is 10$[Which can be used as your first minimum investment]. You can create a JSS tripler account free of cost but to get some benefit from it then investment is required.

Is JSS tripler program is Legit?

Yes, JSS triper program is a genuine program and thousands of people are taking benefit of this wonderful investment plan. I also invested my 200$ last month and now my amount is 320$. You can withdraw your amount at anytime you want.

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Fully featured bike Yamaha FZ with full features and Price in India

Review of the Yamaha FZ in India

There are hundreds of bikes are being launched everyday by different automobile companies like Yamaha, Hero, Honda and Bajaj. The main objective of these automobile companies are to provide best customer satisfaction, stylish look and the affordable mileage to their customers. These are the three giant stands on which the future of any automobile company stands.

I am a student having an old Yamaha bike but my dream is to buy a new Yamaha FZ of royal red color. I know there are many bikes in the market having good mileage then Yamaha FZ but I love this Yamaha bike. I have decided to buy this bike after I get my first salary.

Yamaha FZ is a very unique motor bike with stunning outlooks. There are also many other features in this motor bike which are listed below.

Features of Yamaha FZ

1. Stylish look: The main key of attraction of the Yamaha FZ is that it is having a very stylish front look and its front alloy wheel makes it different from other motor bikes. Not only this, bike is having a 'U' shape petrol tank which provides high storage capability of the petrol.

2. Provides better mileage: In comparison to other sport bikes, Yamaha FZ gives an unbeaten mileage of 35km/l in the congested roads of cities and 47km/l on the highway. This is the main reason why people prefer Yamaha sports bike as compared to Bajaj or any other companies motor bikes.

3. Extreme good engine power: Yamaha FZ is a 150cc powerful bike which can only be experienced if you had ever used this bike before. The pickup of this motor bike is just outstanding. The engine of this Yamaha bike is very much efficient, so no need to kick the bike even in the cold winter days, just press the electric starter and your bike will be ready to run.

4. Comfort and convenience: If you are a husband and wants to give your wife a very comfortable long drive then, there is no better option other then the Yamaha FZ. Yamaha FZ comes with highly useful front and rear suspension which absorbs the shock and gives you a comfortable drive.

5. Cheap price: If we compare other Sport bikes with Yamaha FZ then we can find a huge difference in the cost of both the bikes. The average cost of heavy sport bikes are around Rs 80,000/- and the cost of Yamaha FZ in India  is only Rs 65,000/- even a middle class family can easily afford it without worrying.

Why I love to buy Yamaha FZ motor bike in cheap 

There are many reasons why I like Yamaha FZ very much and some of them are listed below.

1. Provide best riding experience with superb handling modes.

2. Creative and modified look of the old Yamaha motor bikes.

3. Easy to start learning stunts with this very powerful bike.

4. Very effective and big tubeless tyre which provides better grip with the road and helps in avoiding accidents while turning bike in the sharp turns of the roads.

5. Provides mileage of 35km/l in the city roads, which is far better than the other stylish bikes.

6. Disc brakes help to several stunts like wheelie and back strobe.

These are the few points why I love to buy a Yamaha FZ bike in future.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 release, features and price.

Release Date, Features and Specifications of Apple iPhone 5

Millions of eyes around the world are having a hard time waiting for the launch of the most desired Apple iPhone 5. Apple’s revolutionary iPhone has sparked the competition for developing more advanced Smartphone around the world and now leading this competition Apple has announced the release date for iPhone 5. Yes ladies and gentlemen! Your patient waiting ends in October 2012. The release date for the i Phone 5 in India and USA is October 4. For Japan, the united Kingdom and other European nations the date is October 15. Apple has said it’ll start selling iPhone 5 after a week to 10 days from the launch date. 

And now if I talk about the features of the new iPhone 5 I’m sure your mind will be blown up cuz this kickass smart phone is a mother of god for all others (Well at least the rumours and speculations say so......). Here are some features that we are getting heard of every time:

Features of Apple iPhone 5

1. Form Factor: The new Apple iPhone 5 is expected to have a 4-inch display making it larger than the palm friendly iPhone 4s. Along with a larger screen a rumour is that they are launching it with a greater resolution too & if its true then the iPhone 5 will have a brilliant display. The demand for a larger screen had constantly been made by the iPhone followers around the globe. Also speculations are there that the iPhone 5 will come with a Gorilla glass. So, this time Apple has come up with a screen that will probably satisfy the customer’s needs. 

2. The iPhone 5 may have a Quade-core processor as its brain: Marking the beginning of a new era of quade-core processors, this can start off a new CPU race. Smart phones with a dual core processor are nowadays common. Both Samsung and Apple can boast of the processors used by them which can outweigh any other. But if we are to believe what we hear then Apple is topping the race with the all new state-of-the-art quade-core processor which is said to be better than the A6 processor.

3. Armed with 4G/LTE capabilities: It is most likely that the new iPhone will be launched having 4G technologies as Apple bids to beat Samsung that has already introduced its Infuse 4G in the market. As for the iPhone having LTE, thats still in clouds. But an LTE iPhone will give Apple a better edge over other top brands.

4. Data storage capacity: Like the previous iPhone 4S the new iPhone 5 will too come in versions having a data capacity of up to 64GB. So you can have a smart phone with a huge data storage capacity and you can store as much as you can from music & video files to office documents. Earlier the iPhone 4S was  face lifted having 64 GB memory space and was well marketed on par with the 32 GB and the 16GB versions.


5. Fire proof: Now this sounds amazing but yes the hardware engineers have worked hard to make it fire proof with help of a new material that is halogen-free flame retardant. After this all the Apple products will be made using this material.

6. Wireless charging: Can you imagine a smart phone being charged without any cables? If its hard for you then Apple is all set to make this science fiction like thing possible. One of the most eye catching features of the Apple iPhone 5 is that it can be charged without any cables. This is seen as a breakthrough in technology and sounds fascinating.

7. Lightning fast speed: The new iPhone 5 will run on 4G. The fourth generation network will boost the speed of communication making it extremely fast like never before. All your messages and mails will reach their destinations at lightning fast speed with the touch of a button. So it means more fun and service delivered at high speeds. But unfortunately in India we don’t have 4G spectrum, so its of no use here. But you can still use it in 3G network.

8. iOS 5.1: Apple announced the features of its latest iPhone OS, the iOS 5.1, during WWDC 2011 on June 6 the same year. It comes with 200 new features including improvements in the Notifications & Messaging services. Having a user interface based on direct manipulation it’ll have multi-touch gestures. The iOS has iMessage application that will enable the users of other Apple products like iPad, iPod Touch etc. to communicate like a chat service. The iMessager application is a close competitor of the Blackberry messenger. On the whole it seems that other major brands will have a hard time producing a tough competitor for Apple’s new kid.   

    Price of iPhone 5
    Now coming to the Price of the iPhone I must tell you that there is has been no official announcement made by the company regarding it. But in India the price is expected to touch Rs.40,000 or may even go beyond that. So people! Keep your fingers crossed like me and also keep your patient wait alive till October.

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Paneer Paratha Recipe with green chatni

How to make a Paneer Paratha: Recipe of Paneer Paratha
Paneer Paratha is a very famous breakfast food item in North India especially in Punjab.  People love to have various types of Parathas like Paneer Paratha, Gobi Paratha, Pyag Paratha and also plain Paratha. There are also many other  recipes which are made with paneer  like  palak paneer and matar paneer but paneer paratha is the Punjabi's favourite. If you want to know the full recipe of Paneer Paratha, then you should read on.  Making a Paneer Paratha is really an easy task to do. You can also serve this Paneer Paratha with Curd or Pickle.

Ingredients for making Dough [Atta] for Paneer Paratha
1.     Wheat Flour : 2 Cups [ For making 6 Paneer Parathas]
2.    Salt  : ½ Tablespoon
3.   Oil : 1 Tablespoon
4.       Jeera : 1/4th Tablespoon

Ingredients for making Masala or Stuffing
1.       Paneer : 50Gms
2.       Salt : As you want
3.       Green Chilies : 2
4.       Coriander leaves : 1 Table spoon finally chopped
5.       Turmeric : Small pinch of finger
6.       Garam Masala : 1 Tablespoon
7.       Oil : 5-6 Tablespoon

How to make Paneer Paratha
 To make Paneer Paratha for 3 people, you will have to make the proportion of stuffing part and also proper use of Dough otherwise one of the two things will be wasted.

1.       Take a bowl and add Dough+ Oil (1 tablespoon) + Salt and with the help of water prepare a good tight paste so that you can make balls from it.
2.       Make small small balls of the dough and cover the bowl with the wet cloth for over an hour.
3.       Now take the first ball and roll it like you are making a chapatti.
4.       Now take the small mixture of Paneer or stuffing item in between the rolled dough.  
5.       Cover the Chapatti from all the side in such a way all the stuffing ingredients will remain inside it.
6.       Again make it in a shape of Chapatti.
7.       Now, open your flame and put a non-stick tava on it and put the prepared chapatti  after it becomes hotter.
8.       Heat the chapatti from the back side and then turned it to right.
9.       Put small amount of oil on the half heated part of chapatti.
10.   Do the same procedure for the front side of the chapatti.
11.   Try to turn over the chapatti on a low flame gas again and again to make it very crispy.
12.   Now your Paneer Paratha is ready just serve it with Chatni or pickle.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

6 Best ways to drive traffic to your Blog

Have you just made a new blog or commercial website  and wanted to attract visitors toward it? If yes then you are indeed at the right place as I am going to highlight different techniques to get traffic to a freshly prepared blog. These techniques are not only useful but also make it feasible for you to earn money from your blog. So continue reading and explore more.

Get Help from Article Directories: One of the best techniques to grab visitors toward your blog is submitting article to various article directories. I suggest you to get a list of top 10 article directories from the search engine and then to start submitting articles to them. Always submit a unique, interesting and relevant article to the directory if you want to get the good results. Every directory gives you a chance to include your personal information and website link in the bio so you are free to add your details along with site info into it.

Create and Promote Facebook Fan Page : Another technique that will grab the attention of visitors toward your freshly prepared blog is the creation of Facebook Fan Page. It is not difficult for you to create a fan page, you just need to go through some simple steps and your page will be ready. Once you have a page then next thing to do is to update its status with your blog post and also to make friends. Your updated status will be shared with your friends and their circles so when someone has any interest in your status then he will visit your website. In this simple manner, traffic will be directed toward your blog.

Go for Guest Posting: Find some related blogs and contact with their administrators for guest posting. You need to submit an informative article along with a link top your website. Try to post on those blogs that have high ranking in search engines.

Submit your blog link in Web directories: An effective technique of getting traffic for your freshly prepared blog is to submit its links to different web directories. It is good for you to obtain a list of famous web directories and then submit your website link and its details in every web directory.

Social Bookmarking: When you will properly bookmark your authority website then you are in a position to see an amazing result in the form of constant traffic. This technique will not only boost up your traffic but also increase your rank in various search engines. However, you should always bookmark one link per day to a social bookmarking website. There is no need to submit 7-8 links per day because if you do so then you will be considered a spammer.

Give a Try to Yahoo Answers: Many webmasters are using Yahoo Answers for increasing traffic of their blogs. What you need to do is to find some questions related to your website and then to provide the best answers along with your bloglink as a reference and resource URL. Here is an example of yahoo answer promoting the keyword from where to buy tava tea. You will have to use a level 2 yahoo answers account to post clickable links.

I am sure that you will be able to increase your blog traffic via these techniques.
Best of Luck!

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Determine iwriter is genuine or Fraud website to make money online

Is  iwriter a Fake website or Genuine: Real review of iwriter
There are lots of websites available on the internet for making money but how to know which website is fake or genuine is really a tough task to do, there are also many freelance website available on the internet and you can take benefit of it   Making a decent amount of money while working few hours from home is a dream of everyone.  According to me internet is a tree of dollars and if you want to get something from it you will have to give this tree something which it really needs like hard work and patience.
I got this website i.e. while surfing the web. I registered there for making some bucks in my free time.  As I am a content writer I started with an ease. I wrote 2 articles first day about review of a Amazon product and second one was How to create a professional G+ Page.  Both the articles requested by the Popenzer, of about more than 1000 words.

I wrote these two articles on 1Feb’2012 and on the next morning my account was credited by $15. I was amazed to see the fast working of the iwriter. I wrote 3 more articles on different topics of length 500 words. 1 got rejected and 2 were approved and $4.92 and got $1 as a tip for my good work.

Now the main thing was to check whether iwriter is a fake site or real.  I requested my payout of $20 and within the 4 days I got my amount in my PayPal account.  Now I am using this website for making some extra money in my free time. But the main thing for success in iwriter is quality and unique content.  If you are new to article writing then you will have to become the successful content writer before you starting your journey in the iwriter.

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