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Best Tips how to become a professional US writer within few days

Become US writer in just few days
If you are new in content writing and want to make it your career than the main thing about that is, people prefer to accept a US content writer rather than a normal content writer. So you should be able to write articles like a professional US writer.

Despite a good command over the language in using words that will attract a reader, sometime an article gets rejected with or without comments. How come one of your articles earns a good review where as some are summarily rejected without any reason for the same. The main difference is to know to whom the article is written or where it will be used. An article written for use in UK will not stand a chance to get acceptance if it is written in the way English is used in U.S. So how does one overcome this tricky situation? Let us contemplate on some points.

Look for clues: When you are about to write an article, pay attention to the language given in the description and the keywords to be used in the article. A US related article will have ‘color’ instead of ‘colour’. Similarly there will be a tendency to use the short term of words wherever possible. Look for words like ‘regarding’ will be shortened to ‘reg’ and ‘signature’ will become sign’. When there is a detailed instruction about how an article should be written chances are that it will be for an area other than US. It is utilize in US where as utilise is for UK.

Geographical Usage: The ‘chips’ are more of a US usage of ‘crisps’. Sanitary pads are more often used in place of Sanitary Napkins. It is just a Ma’am in US where Madam is used to address a woman in other parts such as seeking help at a department store, or a shop for that manner. You will get a hang of it only when you are in touch with the habit of coming across those different articles. Use those words in an article with your fair judgment.

Usage of Keywords: The right usage of keywords in the article is a better way to ensure its acceptance rather than raking your brain to guess whom for the article is requested. Place the keyword in such a way that they should go along with the flow of article. Stuffing the keywords and somehow other finishing the article will yield poor acceptance. The requester is asking for a paid article for his/her benefit to increase a flow of traffic to the website in which it will be used. Your article should  help that purpose.

Follow instructions: If a keyword is to be used in the first sentence, last sentence or somewhere in the middle, then do exactly that way. When they receive the article they will look for the keywords there. If it is not there, despite a wonderful effort from your side to create a good US article, the chances of rejection is more. Pay attention to plurals of keywords, number of times the keyword to be used etc as a guideline to write the article.

Review: Sometime when there is some minor correction to be made, the requester will send that instruction with the rejection. The idea is to read the message of rejection in full rather than preparing to write the next article. Two minutes on correction and submitting the article again is better than spending one hour on a new article.

Writing articles the way it is to be accepted is an art that comes with experience. In the beginning search for article related to subjects in which your knowledge makes you comfortable to write about that. Later when you get a knack of writing you can resource your information and make an article from those resources. In this way you can easily learn how to write articles similar or as a US writer.

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