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Get your Lost Canteen Smart Card : Recover your Canteen Smart Card

What is Canteen Smart card (CSD)
CSD Canteen smart card is a card issued by the Government of India for the families of Army personnel  ( Army, Navy and Airforce ). The main use of this canteen smart card is that if you buy the regular grocery and other items from Army canteens you will get a huge discount ranging from 40% discount to 55% discount. That is really good for getting a middle class Army family. This facility is only available for the defence personnel.

Canteen smart card came in existence 4 years back before that there was no smart card, only Identity  cards were available and based on that card item were sold.  Many people take the advantage of CSD canteens by selling the canteen products in their own shops. To stop the black marketing of the CSD products Government of India made Canteen smart card to disable the black marking business.

To take the benefit of canteens, if you are Army personnel then you can apply for a canteen smart card in the initial period of your Army career. But if you lost canteen smart card then you can be in a big trouble and to take the canteen benefits again then you will have to get your canteen smart card back. Now, the main question arises how to get your canteen smart card back if you lost it somewhere.

How to get a new Canteen smart card in easy ways
  •   To get your canteen card you will have to follow the below procedure in a very systematic way.
  •    Inform the Police about your lost canteen smart card and take a FIR copy with you.
  •    Go to your nearest CSD canteen and meet with the in charge officer.
  •      Tell him about your lost smart card  along with your FIR copy.
  •            He will give you a form as available below or click here
  •            Fill the full details in the application form, you will have to                  attach your recent passport size photograph.
  •         You will have to submit the following documents at the time for applying for a new canteen smart card. FIR copy, an application in behalf of canteen manager, some details of your old smart card( Smart card number).
  •  Submit the application form, you will get a new canteen smart card within 1 week

2 Responses to “Get your Lost Canteen Smart Card : Recover your Canteen Smart Card”

madhu said...
July 25, 2012 at 9:53 AM

1 I,Hony Capt N Narsing Rao,jc-220421N lost my canteen smart Number lb512062358300d00 and applied for smart card alongwith FIR on 19 May 2012,on confirmtion I came to know that the request for fresh card will be fwd after completion of 6 months(AOC Centre URC)

2. Whwn any body loss their Bank ATM they are getting within a week,Sir ,if it takes so long time cant respective stn HQ Issue a temp card till they get fresh card

manoj kumar singh said...
January 14, 2013 at 4:45 PM

if my canteen card get damage, it can be replaced, if it is . What is the procedure?
manoj kumar singh

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