Friday, March 2, 2012

Working of iwriter: Genuine money earning site by writing articles

Best money making machine iwriter: Review on iwriter
I was introduced to iwriter by one of my friend few days back and the way he told me about the different features and options in iwriter seemed pretty interesting. Here is a brief  iwriter review.

Iwriter is a website where people earn money by writing articles. First of all, it is very simple to use website. Almost anyone can use it. All the steps involved including registration, selecting and article or writing an article are very simple and of basic level difficulty. A complete guidance has also been provided each and every step and details about the uniqueness of the article.

For most of the articles professional tone is not required so it is actually a good opportunity for students and people in third world countries to earn money by just spending a short time. One can select an article accordingly to his field so he can write 500 or 1000 or any no. of words required  about that topic himself in few minutes. All you have to do is go to the page, make an account by just giving a username, password and an email and get registered. Then you can go to select articles section for getting a project. Language, no. of words required and category criteria. Select any article you think you can write easily. Don’t forget to read the project instructions about the project you have chosen before starting to write. Don’t pick the article if you think that you cannot meet the required specifications of the requester otherwise your article can be rejected and all of your hard work can go in vain.

For beginners it is good to select those articles whose requester has a good article approval rate. Try to avoid grammar mistakes as much as possible as the article required to be posted on different online forums and websites etc for the purpose of search engine optimization . Quality of articles reflect the credibility of the one who is posting it so please write appropriate and relevant information and try to be very specific about the project title and keep in mind the project requirements while writing any article.

Another important feature of iwriter is the ranking system, both the requester and the writer . Requester ranking is assessed by the ration of its approval and rejection rates of the articles and iwriter ranking is determined by the quality of articles he or she writes. This rating is given by the requester when the article is submitted. Usual ranking is near 3 start for writers and rating above 4.6 stars is considered excellent and the amount increases per article with the increase in rating. 

With money earned through iwriter can be transferred via PayPal. Personal PayPal account can be connected to the iwriter account  and amount earned can be transferred. Iwriter is also integrated with Copyscape. Once you submitted an article, it is checked by Copyscape for making it sure that anything in the article is not copied from any other source and it is 100% original and unique written by the writer himself. Every time an article is checked by Copyscape $0.05 are charged so please try to write all the information in your own way and by yourself. Three successive Copyscape detections on same article can lead to suspension of your account and you can lose all the money you have earned.

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