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Paneer Paratha Recipe with green chatni

How to make a Paneer Paratha: Recipe of Paneer Paratha
Paneer Paratha is a very famous breakfast food item in North India especially in Punjab.  People love to have various types of Parathas like Paneer Paratha, Gobi Paratha, Pyag Paratha and also plain Paratha. There are also many other  recipes which are made with paneer  like  palak paneer and matar paneer but paneer paratha is the Punjabi's favourite. If you want to know the full recipe of Paneer Paratha, then you should read on.  Making a Paneer Paratha is really an easy task to do. You can also serve this Paneer Paratha with Curd or Pickle.

Ingredients for making Dough [Atta] for Paneer Paratha
1.     Wheat Flour : 2 Cups [ For making 6 Paneer Parathas]
2.    Salt  : ½ Tablespoon
3.   Oil : 1 Tablespoon
4.       Jeera : 1/4th Tablespoon

Ingredients for making Masala or Stuffing
1.       Paneer : 50Gms
2.       Salt : As you want
3.       Green Chilies : 2
4.       Coriander leaves : 1 Table spoon finally chopped
5.       Turmeric : Small pinch of finger
6.       Garam Masala : 1 Tablespoon
7.       Oil : 5-6 Tablespoon

How to make Paneer Paratha
 To make Paneer Paratha for 3 people, you will have to make the proportion of stuffing part and also proper use of Dough otherwise one of the two things will be wasted.

1.       Take a bowl and add Dough+ Oil (1 tablespoon) + Salt and with the help of water prepare a good tight paste so that you can make balls from it.
2.       Make small small balls of the dough and cover the bowl with the wet cloth for over an hour.
3.       Now take the first ball and roll it like you are making a chapatti.
4.       Now take the small mixture of Paneer or stuffing item in between the rolled dough.  
5.       Cover the Chapatti from all the side in such a way all the stuffing ingredients will remain inside it.
6.       Again make it in a shape of Chapatti.
7.       Now, open your flame and put a non-stick tava on it and put the prepared chapatti  after it becomes hotter.
8.       Heat the chapatti from the back side and then turned it to right.
9.       Put small amount of oil on the half heated part of chapatti.
10.   Do the same procedure for the front side of the chapatti.
11.   Try to turn over the chapatti on a low flame gas again and again to make it very crispy.
12.   Now your Paneer Paratha is ready just serve it with Chatni or pickle.

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