Sunday, March 4, 2012

Determine iwriter is genuine or Fraud website to make money online

Is  iwriter a Fake website or Genuine: Real review of iwriter
There are lots of websites available on the internet for making money but how to know which website is fake or genuine is really a tough task to do, there are also many freelance website available on the internet and you can take benefit of it   Making a decent amount of money while working few hours from home is a dream of everyone.  According to me internet is a tree of dollars and if you want to get something from it you will have to give this tree something which it really needs like hard work and patience.
I got this website i.e. while surfing the web. I registered there for making some bucks in my free time.  As I am a content writer I started with an ease. I wrote 2 articles first day about review of a Amazon product and second one was How to create a professional G+ Page.  Both the articles requested by the Popenzer, of about more than 1000 words.

I wrote these two articles on 1Feb’2012 and on the next morning my account was credited by $15. I was amazed to see the fast working of the iwriter. I wrote 3 more articles on different topics of length 500 words. 1 got rejected and 2 were approved and $4.92 and got $1 as a tip for my good work.

Now the main thing was to check whether iwriter is a fake site or real.  I requested my payout of $20 and within the 4 days I got my amount in my PayPal account.  Now I am using this website for making some extra money in my free time. But the main thing for success in iwriter is quality and unique content.  If you are new to article writing then you will have to become the successful content writer before you starting your journey in the iwriter.

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