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Airtel Launches Money Transfer Technology: Overview of Airtel balance carrying technology

Airtel Launches Money transfer technology
If you are not carrying a wallet or a purse with you and suddenly, you need to pay for something, now is the time to use the Airtel balance carry technology. Airtel money lets you pay for almost anything whether you are a departmental store, in a shopping mall or in a café, there is practically no limit to where and where you cannot use Airtel money service. This technology has really boosted up the confidence of people upon Airtel and now people think Airtel as more than just a simple Cellular company that provides mobile connections and landline connections does. The Airtel Money is offering the following services to its valuable customers.
  1.          Spend Money
  2.          Send Cash
  3.          Load Cash

Spending money via Airtel balance carrying technology is as easy as it can be. You can do the payment for your Airtel mobile or Landline  connections. There are also special offer for customers that avail the service. You can also recharge your Airtel connection and digital TV connections via Airtel Money.
Airtel balance carrying technology is not only limited to only Airtel and its services, in fact you can use it to pay for your non-Airtel based connections and that too from anywhere around the country. Pay at any physical merchant that supports Airtel money. The merchant can be anyone like the petrol pumps, Element ions, and big salons all over the country. There is no need to carry any kind of cash or even  a credit card, if you have an Airtel based mobile connection. This also increases the security of your money that you  are not physically carrying a lot of money in your pocket all the time.

Full Tutorial How to use Airtel money transferring technology
You can also use the Airtel balance carrying technology to pay for your utility bills like electricity, water gas etc. Now there is no  need for you to wait in long queues  and lines to submit a bill and waste your precious hours for the purpose . You just simply select the utility for which you want to pay and use the Airtel money to pay for it. This has really been an important thing for job oriented and business people who work in strict time constraint environment and don’t have even a second to waste a second to waste on such things.
Sending money to someone is no longer an issue after the introduction of Airtel Money and balance carrying technology. You just simply enter the mobile number of the person to whom you want to send the money,  enter the initials like name, and enter the specific amount , which you want to send . 

This process is instant and need not more than few seconds to take place. This service is not only limited to mobile to mobile money transfer but you can also transfer money from your mobile to bank accounts by just providing some simple information like account number, account holder name. You can just do it with few clicks using your Airtel balance carrying technology. This account will receive the payment as per the bank NEFT cycle.

Overall, the Airtel balance carrying technology has really simplified the way people use to carry and perform everyday transactions that range from paying for a chocolate to transferring huge amount of money to bank accounts and too with full security.

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