Monday, March 5, 2012

6 Best ways to drive traffic to your Blog

Have you just made a new blog or commercial website  and wanted to attract visitors toward it? If yes then you are indeed at the right place as I am going to highlight different techniques to get traffic to a freshly prepared blog. These techniques are not only useful but also make it feasible for you to earn money from your blog. So continue reading and explore more.

Get Help from Article Directories: One of the best techniques to grab visitors toward your blog is submitting article to various article directories. I suggest you to get a list of top 10 article directories from the search engine and then to start submitting articles to them. Always submit a unique, interesting and relevant article to the directory if you want to get the good results. Every directory gives you a chance to include your personal information and website link in the bio so you are free to add your details along with site info into it.

Create and Promote Facebook Fan Page : Another technique that will grab the attention of visitors toward your freshly prepared blog is the creation of Facebook Fan Page. It is not difficult for you to create a fan page, you just need to go through some simple steps and your page will be ready. Once you have a page then next thing to do is to update its status with your blog post and also to make friends. Your updated status will be shared with your friends and their circles so when someone has any interest in your status then he will visit your website. In this simple manner, traffic will be directed toward your blog.

Go for Guest Posting: Find some related blogs and contact with their administrators for guest posting. You need to submit an informative article along with a link top your website. Try to post on those blogs that have high ranking in search engines.

Submit your blog link in Web directories: An effective technique of getting traffic for your freshly prepared blog is to submit its links to different web directories. It is good for you to obtain a list of famous web directories and then submit your website link and its details in every web directory.

Social Bookmarking: When you will properly bookmark your authority website then you are in a position to see an amazing result in the form of constant traffic. This technique will not only boost up your traffic but also increase your rank in various search engines. However, you should always bookmark one link per day to a social bookmarking website. There is no need to submit 7-8 links per day because if you do so then you will be considered a spammer.

Give a Try to Yahoo Answers: Many webmasters are using Yahoo Answers for increasing traffic of their blogs. What you need to do is to find some questions related to your website and then to provide the best answers along with your bloglink as a reference and resource URL. Here is an example of yahoo answer promoting the keyword from where to buy tava tea. You will have to use a level 2 yahoo answers account to post clickable links.

I am sure that you will be able to increase your blog traffic via these techniques.
Best of Luck!

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