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Apple iPhone 5 release, features and price.

Release Date, Features and Specifications of Apple iPhone 5

Millions of eyes around the world are having a hard time waiting for the launch of the most desired Apple iPhone 5. Apple’s revolutionary iPhone has sparked the competition for developing more advanced Smartphone around the world and now leading this competition Apple has announced the release date for iPhone 5. Yes ladies and gentlemen! Your patient waiting ends in October 2012. The release date for the i Phone 5 in India and USA is October 4. For Japan, the united Kingdom and other European nations the date is October 15. Apple has said it’ll start selling iPhone 5 after a week to 10 days from the launch date. 

And now if I talk about the features of the new iPhone 5 I’m sure your mind will be blown up cuz this kickass smart phone is a mother of god for all others (Well at least the rumours and speculations say so......). Here are some features that we are getting heard of every time:

Features of Apple iPhone 5

1. Form Factor: The new Apple iPhone 5 is expected to have a 4-inch display making it larger than the palm friendly iPhone 4s. Along with a larger screen a rumour is that they are launching it with a greater resolution too & if its true then the iPhone 5 will have a brilliant display. The demand for a larger screen had constantly been made by the iPhone followers around the globe. Also speculations are there that the iPhone 5 will come with a Gorilla glass. So, this time Apple has come up with a screen that will probably satisfy the customer’s needs. 

2. The iPhone 5 may have a Quade-core processor as its brain: Marking the beginning of a new era of quade-core processors, this can start off a new CPU race. Smart phones with a dual core processor are nowadays common. Both Samsung and Apple can boast of the processors used by them which can outweigh any other. But if we are to believe what we hear then Apple is topping the race with the all new state-of-the-art quade-core processor which is said to be better than the A6 processor.

3. Armed with 4G/LTE capabilities: It is most likely that the new iPhone will be launched having 4G technologies as Apple bids to beat Samsung that has already introduced its Infuse 4G in the market. As for the iPhone having LTE, thats still in clouds. But an LTE iPhone will give Apple a better edge over other top brands.

4. Data storage capacity: Like the previous iPhone 4S the new iPhone 5 will too come in versions having a data capacity of up to 64GB. So you can have a smart phone with a huge data storage capacity and you can store as much as you can from music & video files to office documents. Earlier the iPhone 4S was  face lifted having 64 GB memory space and was well marketed on par with the 32 GB and the 16GB versions.


5. Fire proof: Now this sounds amazing but yes the hardware engineers have worked hard to make it fire proof with help of a new material that is halogen-free flame retardant. After this all the Apple products will be made using this material.

6. Wireless charging: Can you imagine a smart phone being charged without any cables? If its hard for you then Apple is all set to make this science fiction like thing possible. One of the most eye catching features of the Apple iPhone 5 is that it can be charged without any cables. This is seen as a breakthrough in technology and sounds fascinating.

7. Lightning fast speed: The new iPhone 5 will run on 4G. The fourth generation network will boost the speed of communication making it extremely fast like never before. All your messages and mails will reach their destinations at lightning fast speed with the touch of a button. So it means more fun and service delivered at high speeds. But unfortunately in India we don’t have 4G spectrum, so its of no use here. But you can still use it in 3G network.

8. iOS 5.1: Apple announced the features of its latest iPhone OS, the iOS 5.1, during WWDC 2011 on June 6 the same year. It comes with 200 new features including improvements in the Notifications & Messaging services. Having a user interface based on direct manipulation it’ll have multi-touch gestures. The iOS has iMessage application that will enable the users of other Apple products like iPad, iPod Touch etc. to communicate like a chat service. The iMessager application is a close competitor of the Blackberry messenger. On the whole it seems that other major brands will have a hard time producing a tough competitor for Apple’s new kid.   

    Price of iPhone 5
    Now coming to the Price of the iPhone I must tell you that there is has been no official announcement made by the company regarding it. But in India the price is expected to touch Rs.40,000 or may even go beyond that. So people! Keep your fingers crossed like me and also keep your patient wait alive till October.

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