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Exclusive Interview with Tony John ( Owner of IndiaStudyChannel )

Exclusive Interview with the Online Legend Mr. Tony John
Tony John is the founder of the very famous and renowned Educational portal i.e. ISC  ). He is also providing Online SEO training in India specially meant for the purpose of providing quality knowledge content for the people to get some better results in their life. ISC provides old question papers of all competitive exams like AIEEE and IIT, practice papers for all exams and other free stuffs to enhance your knowledge free of cost.

I got the opportunity to take the interview of the Tony John sir today. Below is the full interview of the online legend Tony John.

Me: Hello sir, Can you tell us about your family background
Tony John: I am from an average family from a small village in Kerala. Have 2 sisters and 1 brother. My father passed away while I was a student. I had lot of family responsibilities and many of my career decisions were based on the fact that I have to support my family. I went to USA looking for better chances of making money to support my family.

After achieving my financial goals and living in USA forabout 12 years, now I am back to India and lead a happy life with my wife and 3 kids. "happy and relaxed life"

Me: What is your educational qualification
Tony John:I did B.Sc in Physics, then completed B.Ed with the intention of becoming a teacher. In fact, teaching is the favorite profession in our family. However, I realized B.Ed cannot meet my financial goals. So decided to go for Masters in Computer Applications, which has more challenging career opportunities.

Me: How you got an idea to develop a website like IndiaStudyChannel ?
Tony John:I was living in a company guest house in USA along with 10 or so other guys who came from India looking for job. I was the only one in that big group who had a job in hand. Almost everyone in house spent most of their time watching movies and other TV shows. After work, I also joined them most of the time. However, my financial needs to support my family back in India kept saying I need to do something more rather than just watching TV during the free time. One day I noticed a friend living in another guest developing a small personal website using the free webhosting service offered by Brinkster. I was very curious even though I had no clue about hosting websites. He was kind enough to explain and help me to get started.

It was a humble beginning from there. After starting my personal website, I started few more websites with Matrimonials, classifieds etc. Those websites were a way for me to use my time productively instead of watching TV. I was not making any money at that time and even in my wildest dreads I thought I could make any money from websites.

Eventually I started adding more websites to the network with no revenue but to keep myself occupied.

At some point of time later, Google launched AdSense program and I started using it just out of curiosity to learn what it is. At that time, I did not know it is going to change my life and it would help me return to India and lead a better life here. On the next day morning, I was shocked to see the dollars in my AdSense account and I really could not believe if it was real money.

Eventually I learned internet is a money tree and I nurtured my tree very well. was started as an educational project for my brother and I hosted it on the internet to keep him motivated and encouraged. Today ISC is the biggest educational website in India.

Me: What you did 12 years in USA?
Tony John:I worked as a software engineer in few companies including BroadVision, BankOfAmerica, Home Depot, Hewlett Packard, Omnicell and I was developing websites during my free time. When I returned to India, I had about 40 websites in my network After coming back to India, I became a full time blogger and have started about 50 more websites.

Me: Sir, What was your first  website and when you launched that?
Tony John: in year 2000.

Me: Tell us something about your meeting with USA president as we got this news from ISC forum earlier.
Tony John: I did not meet US president. The post in IndiaStudyChannel was a picture taken in the WAX museum in USA.

Me: What is the secret behind the popularity of the ISC?
Tony John: t is the bonding between the webmaster, editors and members which make everybody feel at home in ISC. A lot of members and admin know each other, we spend a lot of time patiently answering all member queries and help beginners get up to speed in monetizing the online opportunities

Me: Can you tell us about the revenue generated by ISC per month?
Tony John: We do make pretty good money after giving away 90% AdSense revenue share and hundrds of other rewards to our members. Most of the other websites are giving up to 50% revenue share and they even stop it once the site reaches some good traffic. We have been giving 90% AdSense share from the content to the authors and plan to continue that. In addition, we give a lot of cash rewards for each post and have lot of competitions including Group Discussion, Spot a Change, Member of the Month, Forum Wizard etc.

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