Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Personal experience with Samsung impression A877 and its features

Samsung Impression Review

We all know about Samsung, the huge producer of mobile phones worldwide. Samsung has been putting their full efforts in making different types of mobile phones for serving their customers the latest technology in cheap price. Samsung is getting fame from their android smart phones as compared to Nokia's Symbian mobiles. Samsung manufactured over hundreds of smart multimedia phones and "Samsung Impression" is the latest production of the company. I brought this Samsung Impression mobile last month from the online shopping site after reading Samsung Impression review from different customers worldwide.

All the customers of Samsung using Samsung Impression mobile are really very happy with the working of the mobile. I am also taking full advantage of GPRS facility available in the mobile, which is really too fast as compared to other versions of Samsung smart phones. There are many features of Samsung impression and some of the widely accepted and renowned features are listed below.

Features of Samsung impression mobile
1. Qwerty keypad with unique design: Samsung impression is having a very unique design as compared to other Samsung mobiles in this range, it is having a flipping option of the home screen and you can use it in easy simple steps to make calls and use other tools of the phone easily. It also comes with a QWERTY keypad which enables user to type mails and SMS in just a few taps of the screen like keyboard.

2. Touch and type display support: If you wants to perform both the operation like touch screen display and keypad display then you are free to use it in any way you want. Samsung enabled touch and type facility in this Samsung impression mobile phone. Both the ways of using the mobile phones are fully productive and safe. If you still wants to review this feature then you can read Samsung impression review in the official site of the Samsung, there you can read hundreds of reviews from different customers worldwide.

3. High storage area: Samsung impression is having a good internal memory of 190 MB and you can easily expand this memory with the help of secondary storage devices like memory cards. There is a card slot available in the Samsung impression to help user to enhance the memory of the mobile phone up to 16GB. You can store unlimited songs, Videos, ringtones and movies.

4. Highly efficient primary camera: Camera is the internal strength of any mobile phone to attract customers. Samsung impression is also having a 3.5 Mega pixel camera to capture snaps in almost HD quality. Not only this you can also verify the quality of the mobile phones by reading Samsung impression reviews available in the various online shopping sites.

5. A long life battery: Batteries comes with mobile phones are generally provides less backup facility but the battery used in the Samsung impression is highly capable of providing high backup to the mobile phone. There is a Li-Ion 1000 mAh battery comes with Samsung impression mobile phone. So there is no need of worrying about the battery after making it fully charge. Price of Samsung Impression A877 in India is just Rs 11,050/-

My personal experience with Samsung impression mobile phone
I received my Samsung impression mobile phone as a birthday gift from my parents last month and I am using it very efficiently. The main feature I love in this mobile phone is that you can converts videos from different formats to mobile supported formats in just a few taps of the screen. You can install Free Android applications from Google Play as well. Samsung impression review options available in the shopping sites helps customers to get better understanding with the mobile phone.

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