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Why to do guest blogging in ThoughtsFromDevil?
If you start Guest blogging in ThoughtsFromDevil you will be eligible for:

1.       2  do follow backlinks to your website or Blog.
2.       You can take part in various guest blogging contests in the site thoughts from devil.
3.       If your posted article selected among the top 3 articles of the week then you will be rewarded by some good cash credits.
4.       Get your writing skills visibility among website visitors.
5.       This website going to expands its wings within a short time.

Minimum requirement for Guest Blogging
1.       You posted articles should be free from typo errors and a good English writing skills needed.
2.       You can post articles on almost all the niches or keywords you like to.  Most preferable niches are Sports, Gadgets reviews,  newest technology and  SEO
3.       Posted article should have minimum 500+ words with good use of keywords for SEO optimization.

How to do Guest Blogging
1.       Mail your article on ajaya.singh3@gmail.com
2.       You will be informed if your posted article is selected for the website or not.
3.       If you want to participate in Guest Blogging contest then I will send you an Author request  for the same.


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