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Fully featured bike Yamaha FZ with full features and Price in India

Review of the Yamaha FZ in India

There are hundreds of bikes are being launched everyday by different automobile companies like Yamaha, Hero, Honda and Bajaj. The main objective of these automobile companies are to provide best customer satisfaction, stylish look and the affordable mileage to their customers. These are the three giant stands on which the future of any automobile company stands.

I am a student having an old Yamaha bike but my dream is to buy a new Yamaha FZ of royal red color. I know there are many bikes in the market having good mileage then Yamaha FZ but I love this Yamaha bike. I have decided to buy this bike after I get my first salary.

Yamaha FZ is a very unique motor bike with stunning outlooks. There are also many other features in this motor bike which are listed below.

Features of Yamaha FZ

1. Stylish look: The main key of attraction of the Yamaha FZ is that it is having a very stylish front look and its front alloy wheel makes it different from other motor bikes. Not only this, bike is having a 'U' shape petrol tank which provides high storage capability of the petrol.

2. Provides better mileage: In comparison to other sport bikes, Yamaha FZ gives an unbeaten mileage of 35km/l in the congested roads of cities and 47km/l on the highway. This is the main reason why people prefer Yamaha sports bike as compared to Bajaj or any other companies motor bikes.

3. Extreme good engine power: Yamaha FZ is a 150cc powerful bike which can only be experienced if you had ever used this bike before. The pickup of this motor bike is just outstanding. The engine of this Yamaha bike is very much efficient, so no need to kick the bike even in the cold winter days, just press the electric starter and your bike will be ready to run.

4. Comfort and convenience: If you are a husband and wants to give your wife a very comfortable long drive then, there is no better option other then the Yamaha FZ. Yamaha FZ comes with highly useful front and rear suspension which absorbs the shock and gives you a comfortable drive.

5. Cheap price: If we compare other Sport bikes with Yamaha FZ then we can find a huge difference in the cost of both the bikes. The average cost of heavy sport bikes are around Rs 80,000/- and the cost of Yamaha FZ in India  is only Rs 65,000/- even a middle class family can easily afford it without worrying.

Why I love to buy Yamaha FZ motor bike in cheap 

There are many reasons why I like Yamaha FZ very much and some of them are listed below.

1. Provide best riding experience with superb handling modes.

2. Creative and modified look of the old Yamaha motor bikes.

3. Easy to start learning stunts with this very powerful bike.

4. Very effective and big tubeless tyre which provides better grip with the road and helps in avoiding accidents while turning bike in the sharp turns of the roads.

5. Provides mileage of 35km/l in the city roads, which is far better than the other stylish bikes.

6. Disc brakes help to several stunts like wheelie and back strobe.

These are the few points why I love to buy a Yamaha FZ bike in future.

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